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You can’t get through a meeting without jumping up to the whiteboard. You don’t understand why others don’t understand a concept unless you make a visual for them, which is why you’re constantly producing visuals. Can’t they picture it in their heads like you can? You have the constant urge to improve upon others’ flow..

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Having just made my foray into Sketch, imagine my surprise when I discover that a standard iOS picker is NOT included in the out-of-the-box template. After a surprisingly large amount of Google research (do people just not LIKE pickers?), a friend finally bailed me out with iOS UIpickerview, a Sketch file by Tom Johnson. So..

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Here’s a little script for retrieving custom field data associated with a user (as long as it’s stored in the author-meta table). In this case, it’s for an image field, and the code is outside of the Loop.

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Although a comprehensive multi-device support and testing strategy is optimal, while you or your company are still in the discovery phase, here are some interim recommendations: Responsive applications should be developed on the Bootstrap 3 platform, which is responsive by default, and out-of-the-box. In lieu of platform recommendations, some teams have taken a resolution-based approach…

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