You Might Be a UX-er If…

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  • You can’t get through a meeting without jumping up to the whiteboard.
  • You don’t understand why others don’t understand a concept unless you make a visual for them, which is why you’re constantly producing visuals. Can’t they picture it in their heads like you can?
  • You have the constant urge to improve upon others’ flow diagrams.
  • You just tell your friends and family that you’re a web designer, because that’s the only job description they’ll really understand.
  • You only use a Mac, no matter the cost.
  • You’re like the kid in school who goes around in all the circles–in this case, the designers, developers, business analysts, product managers, etc.–not totally sure where you belong.
  • You sometimes feel like a translator between all the different groups, because you’ve had to learn ALL the industry lingo.
  • Your brain can’t decide if it’s right or left dominant.
  • Your handwriting is very PARTICULAR, but also very neat.
  • You can’t turn off the experience design analysis, constantly finding faults in product design, such as in microwaves, televisions, car consoles, purses, bathtub faucets, etc. etc. etc.
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